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my favorite lens :: canon 35mm 1.4 L

Without an iota of hesitation, let me confess that I hardly post-process my images. Sure, I feel tempted to add a filter or two later for some special effects in the digital age, but in terms of image sharpness, color rendition, and composition, I feel it is redundant and dangerous to play around with an image that has been taken with the legendary Canon 35mm f1.4 L lens. 


There are rumors regarding the replacement of this lens. Considering that the otherwise stellar 24mm 1.4 was replaced with a newer version, the rumors are not entirely illogical. But apart from weather-sealing aspects, I do not see any need for 35mm 1.4 to get revised. Sure, this lens is almost archaic in today's terms, and sure it feels a lot less solid compared to a few other L series lenses, but what sets it apart from any other lens that Canon (or Nikon, for that matter) produces is the extremely pleasing, smoothly blurring, beautifully unique images that this alone can, and does, produce.

A photographer's delight. A viewer's delight, even more.