Radical Camera

I am also known as the Guy With the Radical Camera (GWRC). Here are some samples. For more, please visit my political photography website.


Sparks of revolution

I am an independent documentarian of progressive moments in contemporary political shifts. Happy to share portraits of some radicals I look upto and have had the great fortune to have captured.

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Contradictions in capitalism

We live in the most tumultuous of times - amidst the illusion of plenty cries the despair of poverty. From the 99% Class War against the 1% during Occupy Movement to the Women's Rights Marches, to the LGBTQ protests, to the Black Lives Matter movement, to Grannies Against War, Free Mumia, Free Leonard Peltier, Free Oscar Lopez Rivera....unsung heroes and underreported mass movements. With my radical camera, I am an embedded reporter in the struggle against injustice.

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